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You Should Probably Watch This Sharknado Trailer Right Now

I’ve never had to experience a tornado, but I came close once. I was moving across the country with my family as a teen and we ended up driving through Kansas in the middle of a terrible storm. Our truck swayed back and forth and eventually we were forced to pull over to wait it out a bit. It was about this time that I noticed the clouds starting to form the into the top of a pretty sizable tornado. By the time it touched down my little brother and sister were crying, screaming and basically just freaking out much more than the situation warranted. The closest it got was probably about a mile away and it wasn’t really moving towards us.

If that tornado would have been full of sharks I can’t imagine the reaction my siblings would have had when it touched down. Hell, I can’t even imagine how I’d react. All I know is sharknadoes aren’t something I’ll ever have to deal with and for that I am grateful.

If a Sharknado ever did occur, I imagine things would go down a lot like they do in this trailer for the newest SyFy Original from the fine folks at The Asylum.

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