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You could help this artist create a life-size origami elephant through crowdfunding

Let’s be honest, none of us knew you could be a professional origami artist. I mean, the concept of being a professional anything by simply adding the word “professional” before the activity or title is fairly obvious but I guess to qualify as a professional you’d either have to be an expert in that skill or job or spend the majority of your time doing it. Is that an accepted definition? Let’s pretend it is for now. Sipho Mabona is a professional origami artist. His occupation in life is using his skill of folding pieces of paper a number of times to eventually create a recognizable item. Maybe you’re not as excited by this as I am so I’ll reiterate: this is his full-time job!

When you hear of a professional artist, origami isn’t usually a medium you’d expect, and Mabono is aware of this, so he is planning an event like no other. With the help of three assistants and a willing museum, he plans to create a life-size elephant from a single sheet of paper over the course of several weeks. Not only that, but he plans on live streaming his work and creating a timelapse video of the whole thing. However, he can’t do it without help, so he’s started a campaign on in order to raise the $24,000 he expects to need.

At the time of writing, his campaign has raised just over $4,000 with 27 days remaining but he’s offering some pretty awesome perks for contributions over $1, from videos on how to create origami of his own design, to actual creations from the man himself. You can watch the video below or check out his Indiegogo page here.

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