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Wu-Tang Clan Sign Language. Yup, that’s all you need to know

People often ask Zeus or Jason, “how can I write for MiddleEasy?” I’ve been told often that they don’t have an answer for that, it’s just something that happens organically. I don’t know how I started writing for MiddleEasy, it just kind of happened one day. If I had to credit anything, I’d say it’s because both Zeus and Jason want to sleep with me. I don’t blame them, I’m quite dashing, but truth be told, I think they are intimidated by me, almost as if they don’t feel as if they are worthy of me.

It has to be more than that though, because my love is spoken for already, and they are both aware of this fact. The only possible reason that I can think is because I do fancy some Wu-Tang. Which is why I write for MiddleEasy, it’s because I fancy myself some Wu-Tang.

The amount of Wu-Tang related things there are can’t be counted by one man or woman, it’s simply impossible. You can now add one more thing to that list and that’s Wu-Tang sign language. I’ve never seen any Wu-Tang songs signed, but it’s everything that I thought it would be.

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