We try to figure out the formula: How will Breaking Bad end?

Here’s the thing, either absolutely NO ONE is going to be able to predict how everything plays out, or there’s going to be that one person you know that calls everything exactly right. Then, for the rest of the time that you know them it will get brought up. Seriously. You’ll be getting married (if you’re not already) and their speech at your reception will start off with, “Hey Rick, remember that time you thought I was full of it when I told you how Breaking Bad was going to end?” The longer you maintain contact with this person, the longer they are going to keep bringing it up. So, you might as well stop worrying about the fate of Walter White, and start planning on how much longer you want to keep this person in your life. 

The only thing that I’m going to predict is that Walt shoots Hank. Notice, I’m going with shoot and not kill so that in the event of either happening I can still say I called it. Walt killing Hank, and vice versa, is an idea that has been thrown around as a possibility, but I see it going down a very specific way, and it’s really pretty simple – I don’t think Hank has it in him to kill Walt. I’m imaging a showdown of some sort between the two in which Hank will lower his weapon and then attempt to apprehend Walt, who will in turn shoot Hank down in cold blood. Compassion is something that Hank has always been show to possess, despite often being depicted as the obnoxious macho man. Walt, on the other hand, is a straight up killer at this point who will do anything to protect himself. jonesy

The transformation Walter White has made over the course of Breaking Bad’s run has been pretty amazing to watch. He’s gone from being a timid school teacher who’s dying of cancer to a Scarface wannabe who rules the meth game with an iron fist. Walt has become a scary mother****er and I think it’s about time for somebody to end his reign. I’d say most people are expecting Walt to die as well, so the question at that point becomes “How is Walt going die?”.

I personally think the man to do it is Jesse Pinkman. Walt has gotten away with doing a lot of messed up stuff behind Jesse’s back, who has become the only character I’m rooting for at this point. I’d be surprised if at least some of it didn’t come to light before all is said and done.

Jesse has shown that he’s prepared to kill Walt, in the last episode before the Season 5 break, when Walt dropped off the money at his house. If Jesse finds out about Walt killing his girlfriend, poisoning Brock, or killing Mike behind his back Jesse just might decide it’s time to put a stop to all of the violence. I hope he does because if Walt isn’t stopped Jesse could end up suffering a very tragic demise, and that would be a bummer.nick

 I want Hank to find out that Walt is Heisenberg through whatever means necessary. Then Hank asks Flynn (seriously that’s the stupidest nickname I have ever heard) to wear a wire and get Walt to confess to being Heisenberg. After a short conversation, Walt realizes his son is a rat. Then, at a family gathering, Walt goes up to Flynn, kisses him passionately, wraps his hands around the back of his head and says “I know it was you, Flynn. You broke my heart. You broke my heart.”

Walt, then realizing that he has been compromised, decides that he has to clean up all of the loose ends. He then violently kills anyone and everyone involved. This even includes Flynn and Skylar, his own family. Walt buys an old Pontiac Aztec, very similar to the one he had, he rigs it up to run off of remote control, with the M60 shown in S5E01 coming out of the sun roof and then mows down everyone within the DEA. Hank, Pedro and anyone else who was on the case of the infamous Heisenberg.

Walt then moves to Japan and with the money he’s made as a meth dealer resurrects Pride FC and then I can die happy.Gary

So there you go, those are our predictions for how the final eight episodes will play out. There’s no telling what will happen in tonight’s premiere (outside of vague episode descriptions), so some of this could be null and void within the next seven hours. How do YOU think it’s going to end?

Published on August 11, 2013 at 6:47 pm
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