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We can’t be the only ones eagerly awaiting the return of Boardwalk Empire

Before he was an actor, Steve Buscemi was a firefighter in New York. Yeah, that Steve Buscemi. Can you imagine Mr. Pink carrying you out of a burning building? Me neither. Funny, since every character he’s portrayed on film has been completely believable. If he ever played a firefighter in a movie it’d make it a hell of a lot easier to believe that he actually was one earlier in his life. Until then he’ll have to continue to make us believe that he’s one of the weirdest badasses out there.

In Boardwalk Empire Buscemi plays prohibition era gangster Nucky Thompson, who does business with the likes of Al Capone and Arnold Rothstein and man is he convincing. It’s because of performances like his that Boardwalk Empire is one of the most consistently entertaining shows on television.

It looks like Season 4 won’t be breaking the trend of being completely rawesome, as is evident in this new trailer. September 8th can’t some soon enough.

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