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Watch this never-before-seen and hilarious Artie Lange cartoon

MiddleEasy readers, this article would have come much sooner if it were not for my neighbor that literally ravages my ears with her ridiculous and unnecessary conversations. It’s inescapable. I tried zoning out and sporadically making noises to give her the impression that I’m listening, but the conversation becomes so irrelevant that it feels like I’m forced to interject and bring some coherency to the words that I hear. I’m trying to be more of a compassionate person, so I put up with it — but the Zeus from 2013 would swing open the front door and tell her to get the hell out until she gathers enough brain cells to make a fraction of sense.

Damn, that’s pretty brutal. Maybe this 2014 compassionate thing isn’t as effective as I wanted it to be. I need to try harder — or perhaps just never let my neighbor inside my place whenever I’m trying to deliver an article about a never-before-seen video of an animated Artie Lange. Check it out.

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