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Watch this lady go into BEAST MODE when she finds out it’s too early for Chicken McNuggets

Alright, come clean. Which MiddleEasyer is this? Who really thought they could get McNuggets before 10:30 am? Whoever you are, we will give you +1000 for using the term ‘don’t make me turn into my ultimate form’ in an actual sentence.

Better question is what drug combination enables a person to drop a Dragon Ball Z reference right before they smash a drive-thru window? I’m guessing bath salts mixed with a dash of PCP. Perhaps some cocaine was thrown in there for good measure.

Regardless of what this chick was on, it’s clear that when she wants her reassembled meat byproduct in the shape of a nugget, she will destroy everything in her path. Props to DENV3RtheDESTROY3R on the +100 news tip.

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