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Watch this guy absolutely freak out when a velociraptor chases him in an office

Initially I wrote something really long about how I met a dude that liked dinosaurs and he told me how the CIA went back in time to bring on their extinction by giving them the AIDS virus — but then Firefox crashed and I lost everything because I’m an idiot and didn’t bother to save. However I can tell you this guy actually exists and he can be found walking around in Cardiff, Wales on the weekend. Look for a gentlemen with a white suit and matching white gator-skinned boots. He’s usually holding a pamphlet that has his theories all scribbled on them with illustrations as visual guides. Don’t offer him a drink because he believes alcohol is a tool used by the government and that each beer has designed bacteria to infiltrate our brains. Seriously guys, I went on for like seven paragraphs of this stuff — and it’s all lost. Damn.

All that’s left is this video of a dude getting freaked out when a velociraptor chases him in an office.

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