Watch the sneak peak of Journey to SummerSlam featuring The Shield

Over the past two years in professional wrestling, we have quite possibly witnessed the greatest stable of all-time. That stable is The Shield. Each member was so unique and brought something different to the table. I don’t need to go ahead and gush about each member of The Shield even though I want to. As a unit, they never had a bad match, not one. Sure now that they’ve broken up, Reigns hasn’t impressed and has mediocre match after mediocre match, but as a unit they complimented each other so well in ring.

Summerslam we finally got to see one of the many matches that we’ve been anticipating ever since Seth Rollins hit his former brothers with a steel chair. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins delivered. The match the next night on RAW might’ve been even better.

Thankfully for all smarks out there, the WWE is producing a documentary entitled Journey to Summerslam featuring The Shield. Seeing as the WWE always producing top notch quality documentaries such as this, I’m beyond giddy and you should be too.

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