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Watch the absolute scariest job interview imaginable

When I attended the University of Arizona I minored in Judaic studies, which enabled me to take classes with really cool titles like ‘Apocalyptic Imagination.’ There’s actually a book by that same title written by John Collins, who subsequently was also my teacher. How does that work — he obviously gets a cut of every book sold, which is required material if you want to pass the course. Brilliant strategy to push sales.

The coolest concept I learned in the class was ‘eschatological salvation,’ a notion that your life would be saved or improved by a sudden and very terminal ‘end’ that comes from an otherworldly source. For some it’s prayed upon for years. However for these potential employees at LG, they absolutely flipped out.

LG wanted to show off their new 84 inch TV, so they installed it as a window in their LG Chile office, then used it to trick people into thinking the end of the world was imminent. They went all the way folks. As the doomsday meteor approached, the entire office shook and the lights eventually shut off. Check out what happens when people are presented with ultimate fear, and props to @MattK187 on the find.

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