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Watch Keith Olbermann absolutely destroy a sports journalist

The term “Ether” was popularized in 2001 when Nas released a track entitled as such; it was a response to Jay-Z’s ‘Takeover’ track. If you listened to Ether and aren’t sure what the term ether means, let me explain. It’s a verbal assassination. Verbally abusing someone so bad that they can’t recover from it. Destroying someone’s integrity and intelligence completely. It’s the equivalent of a 2003 Wanderlei Silva, assaulting you until you’re face down in a pool of your own blood.

Ethering officially jumped onto the scene of MMA all the way back in around 2009/2010 when @BloodstainLane changed the MMA landscape forever. The list of the people who he has left in his trail is a who’s who of the MMA elite. No one is safe from the wrath that is a Bloodstain Lane ether — not a single soul has successfully survived one.

It appears now that ethering has even populated the NFL and not just the NFL but the former political talking head and now current ESPN host Keith Olbermann. One has to think, maybe Bloodstain Lane has been feeding Keith Olbermann information. Nonetheless, Olbermann ethers a “journalist” who shall go unnamed here because he doesn’t deserve any extra publicity. This “journalist” talks about how he’s going to sue his high school because he suffered a concussion there, then starts to make sarcastic remarks about suing fathers who set up two-hand touch football games. He goes onto say that the former NFL players who just got a settlement for $765 million dollars for their post-career trauma, that they don’t deserve the money. Keith Olbermann proceeds to give him a Bloodstain Lane/Nas style verbal beatdown for his atrocious writing, bravo Keith Olbermann, bravo.

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