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Watch as These Guys Make Mallgoers Believe Some Guy Killed Himself

Back maybe eight years ago or so, I bonded with a girl over strange things that we both liked, but what really sealed the deal (seal deal!?) was driving this girl from Connecticut to Rhode Island to my palatial estate (read: parent’s house) and discussing how great the scene from The Good Son where Macaulay Culkin threw a dummy off of a highway overpass at cars to make them feel awful. Basically, those poor folks felt as though they had taken part in a suicide before finding out that it was just a dummy. We both laughed over it, and I knew then that things with this girl, who had modeled for Suicide Girls in the past, were really going to go somewhere.

I was a bit crestfallen when things with her didn’t turn into a full-blown relationship at the time, but that discussion about The Good Son was still able to provide for a solid story of conquest and redemption that I could brag about to my friends for a while. After one plane ticket to LA that was never used later, I learned a valuable lesson about relationships and why bonding with someone over sadistic things was probably not a real relationship builder. Go figure.

I guess there is a scene in the upcoming film R.I.P.D. where two characters take a terrible tumble out of a building only to dust themselves off and keep going. This inspired a crew of filmmakers to go to the mall while asking the patrons some arbitrary questions only to drop a dummy dressed like one of them down three stories. By the time they get to the edge, they’ve done a bait and switch and the kid is up and about, while the uninitiated think that they just saw someone try to kill himself.

I’m not alone in thinking that this is just kind of mean, right?

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