Throwback Thursday! Straight Shoot Retro revisits Starrcade 88

Late 80’s wrestling holds a special place in most of our hearts here at Middle Easy. If you ever find yourself playing any game online with us you will no doubt hear someone yell “Hard times!” at some point. Now, while not everyone is as well versed and in possession of as much knowledge of the squared circle as Dave Walsh, we all still have pretty fond memories of it. Except Gary. Dude wasn’t even born before 9/11. 

We aren’t the only ones with a fondness for old school wresting. The crew over at Straight Shoot Retro have devoted an entire podcast to the very subject. Last night they went on air to discuss Starrcade 1988 and the matches between Ric Flair and Lex Luger; The Road Warriors and Dusty Rhodes/Sting; Barry Windham and Bam Bam Bigelow; The Midnight Express and The Original Midnight Express; plus more! They also weighed in on who the Greatest Wrestler of All Time of the Week is. Check it out, and then because it’s Throwback Thursday take a folding chair and hit someone in the head to celebrate when shots to the dome were still legal.
You can also follow Straight Shoot Retro hosts Aubrey Sitterson (@aubreysitterson) and Jeff Schiller (@aVanillaMidget) on Twitter, and subscribe to Straight Shoot Retro’s Youtube channel. And in case you didn’t believe me before, Aubrey will confirm that Southern Bastards is great. 
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