Throwback Thursday: Remember that time Leon Spinks wrestled Tarzan Goto?

After this weekend’s Bellator, it filled me with hope that the pageantry from the days of early MMA can be brought back. It can be bold and exciting instead of just different shades of gray. It got me thinking about the prospects of Brock Lesnar coming there and maybe Pawel Wolak. MMA doesn’t need to be the best vs. the best, that’s what the UFC is currently doing and look how that is turning out, when was the last time they made their own home grown star?

This got me thinking to when will we see the Bellator of pro wrestling to combat the WWE? Is it already here in the form of PWG or New Japan? Maybe it’s already in the WWE itself in NXT?

Who knows if we’ll ever see competition of the WWE ever again at this point, what I do know is, I’d love a shootfighting organization. When I think of some of my favorite styles of wrestling, the WWE style isn’t necessarily one of or even close to one of my favorite styles. I’ll take a shootfighting/strong style any day of the week.

It would be so fantastic, you could see a bunch of combat sports athletes involved with it, seriously, I remember when Jerome Le Banner and Peter Aerts were a tag team once on some New Years Eve show. It was so wonderful and glorious.

Just imagine, Rusev talking about mother Russia and Putin, then you hear the Ukraine national anthem and the Klitschko brothers show up? How fantastic would that be?

After all, boxers have always been involved in wrestling in some form, from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson, even Leon Spinks got involved in pro wrestling. See? See!

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