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This rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D on floppy drives is radical

I disdain people who hold nostalgia over old technology. Don’t get me wrong, we all put on rose-tinted glasses when looking back at some aspects of life, but of all the things to have nostalgia for, old technology should never be one of them. When people bring up how they didn’t have cell phones in their day and how they wish they didn’t exist, I can’t even bring myself to give a logical response because what they’ve said is just silly. I understand some of the rational behind it, people aren’t as comfortable with talking face to face, but I have a tiny computer in my pocket, if you think that somehow the pros of that outweighs the cons — oh so silly.

Now I’m going to sound like a complete hypocrite and basically be one of those old crotchety men — I think we should all bring back floppy drives. First of all, when you put a floppy disc into a floppy drive, it had such a satisfying clicking sound, ejecting it was just as fun. I can’t be the only one who had fun throwing floppy discs around pretending they were a shuriken? Not to mention that little metal piece that slide back was super fun to play with. Seriously, screw Blu-Ray, we need to bring back the floppy.

You can’t tell me that this video doesn’t make you want to give me thumbs up on my Reddit petition to bring back Floppy Drives.

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