This man bent a car door in half with his bare hands to save someone, is he a member of X-men?

We’ve all had that discussion: if you could have one superpower, what would it be? I’ve always been torn between flying and invisibility. Flying has always been man’s greatest dream but it’s drawbacks include freezing and running out of oxygen. Plus, we all assume of we could fly we’d be zooming about fast like a jet; it would just be typical that if we could fly it would just be at walking speed. Invisibility is a boy’s dream and it’s benefits aren’t immediately beneficial beyond being a pervert, but with the advantages of being a fly on the wall in work, or at your friend (or enemy’s) house, you can start to see how much use and fun this could be. Plus you get to play much better practical jokes being invisible than if you can fly. I can’t decide, so I asked some of the Middle Easy staff what one superpower they would choose:

  • J – “Easy… Invincibility.”
  • Jason –  “I’d slow down time so I can get everything done *cries*”
  • Dave – “This might be seen as lame but my superpower would be that my body would never break down or get sick”
  • Gary – “Super strength or super speed so I could be good at every sport. Choose one? Strength.”
  • Nick – “Super intelligence. I feel like that’s the best. The possibilities of what you can do with it are kind of endless”
  • McKinley – “Just one superpower? Hmm. Selective immortality. Choosing my own time of death would come in handy. It’s like Highlander but without all the weird rules.”
  • Joel – “Oh , the power to transform from a person into an animal. That always seemed like an appealing superpower.”

You’ll notice only Gary the jerk picked super strength. For some reason it’s not one that instantly jumps to our minds. Given the incredibly utility of super strength, maybe it should have been. Take Bob Renning for example. He only had super strength for about 30 seconds and he saved a life. Upon seeing a car on fire and a man trapped inside, his super strength gene decided to activate at the perfect time, allowing him to open the car door by bending the steel so much that the window smashed. Let me repeat: he bent the car door with his bare hands, while the car was on fire. All he had to say on the matter to reporters was:

“I’m still not sure exactly how I did it”

I don’t know how you did it either Bob but I know two things: 1. Bob Renning just blew his cover as part of the X-Men and 2. Gary with super strength is a terrifying prospect.


Published on July 3, 2014 at 4:15 pm
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