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This leaked Age of Ultron trailer will be removed from YouTube in minutes, better check it out now

It’s a bummer that Joss Whedon decided to go with a somewhat busterish supervillian in Ultron when he could have gone for the most grandiose comic story ever told in the Infinity Gauntlet. What’s the point of Thanos talking to Death in at the end of The Avengers if you’re not setting up his pursuit of the Infinity Gems? The Age of Ultron was actually a 10-comic book series that came out this year, solely created to set up the next Avengers. In the series, Ultron tries to take over Earth but Beast from X-Men prevents him from doing so. Oh, spoiler alert. Damn — well I guess it’s too late. Perhaps you should just watch this leaked trailer of Age of Ultron that will be removed from YouTube in a matter of minutes. Props to for the find.

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