This is way better than the TMNT movie: Usagi Yojimbo – “The Last Request”

Usagi Yojimbo is one of my favorite comics ever. Behind me, I have the collected works of Stan Sakai in hardcover. I bust it out and read it about every year or two, and think about how Usagi would never go the way of TMNT and go from ronin to some pizza-gobbling goofball. But it’s also Stan Sakai’s integrity which has kept Usagi from being introduced to a whole new generation of fans. Damn it, why can’t things be popular and still retain what made them great?

Well, after years and years of toiling in limbo, Lintika Films created this proof of concept for a Usagi feature film using art from the books and stop-motion animation. Simply put – it’s ****ing awesome. I love it. And on the strength of this clip, they got the film rights. Check it out.

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