This is the most disturbing Haunted House ever. Warning: extremely graphic

Apparently Halloween is next week, which is news to me. I barely had any idea it was October already, but here we are. Almost a week away from Halloween, which has always been one of my preferred holidays. Which all stems from my father and I always having so much fun dressing up together. One year I was Elvis Presley and he was Priscilla Presley, another I was Don King and he was Gerry Cooney. Every year we’d always had so much fun… Except for one year. One year I had this amazing Dale Earnhardt costume and every single house I went to thought I was a “spaceman.” To this day I remember those houses, I hate them, every last one of them.

While I hate them, I don’t think I could hate anyone enough to have them go in this Haunted House. You need to sign a waiver to go in, and it allows the employees to touch you and torture you.

WARNING: This is extremely graphic.

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