This guy calculated Breaking Bad’s Walter White has $40.65 million buried in the desert

So all of this — the killing, deception, poisoning, kidnapping — over $40.65 million. Yep, seems about right.

Alright, this is getting slightly off topic but was I the only one that thought Breaking Bad jumped the shark after last night’s episode when (Spoiler Alert) the shoot out happened in the desert and the white supremacist guys opened fire with semi-automatics and no one was killed. Sure it appeared Gomez was grazed, but everyone, including Hank should have been turned into fajita strips.

They never found his money (or at least we think), but I couldn’t be the only one that wondered how much money can fit into seven 55 gallon barrels. Fortunately James Hong did the math and he has an answer for you.

Saul’s bodyguard Huell said he gave Walt all his money stacked in seven 55 gallon barrels he bought at Home Depot.

7 barrels x 55 gallons = 1,457,383.54 cubic cm

A bill is 6.6294 cm wide x 15.5956 cm long x0.010922 cm thick = 1.12921979833008 cubic cm

# of bills = 1,457,383.54 / 1.12921979833008 = 1,290,611 bills

This is of course if the bills filled every bit of space in the barrels, but we can see that’s not true from the picture above. I’m going to guess a packing density of 90%, which would be 1,161,550 bills.

If all the bills were $100 bills, this would mean Walt has amassed about $116 million dollars.

However,from the picture above you can see that the bill types vary. I see a bunch of stacks of $50 bills, and bunch of $20s. The guess on denomination mix is obviously going to create the most variance on final answer. My best guess at the mix from the picture above is that it is half 50s and half 20s, which adds up to $40.65 million dollars.

That’s a justifiable amount of money to kill Jesse Pinkman over, that’s for sure. The guy went from supreme badass to extremely annoying in the course of just one episode.

Published on September 9, 2013 at 10:17 pm
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