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These two spider men just want Batman to calm down, okay?

Listen, sometimes Batman is going to lose his cool. He knows a gangster when he sees one, and damn it – he’s Batman. Posturing is part of his gig as crusader of the night, and don’t try to calm him down, or do. It really depends actually. Sometimes, if universes collide, not one, but two Spidermen will do their best to rub Batman’s back to tell him to take it easy, because “it’s over.”

Yes, in this video, you will see Spiderman rubbing the back of an upset Batman, whom I reckon is close to tears. We don’t know why he was upset, but we’re pretty sure it has to do with a high-level criminal he had to set free earlier in the video. Maybe. I dunno. Supposedly Batman pushed this master criminal’s son, but that’s not likely the case, he’s Batman after all. And what does Batman do when wrongly accused? He doesn’t go into hiding, giving Gotham the hero they deserve, he just yells a lot in the general direction of his enemy.

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