The Top Ten Pro Wrestling Spots That Blew Our Minds



<h3>Gary: Hardy Boyz/Cuddley Boyz/Edge and Christian TLC WM17</h3>

My wrestling fandom as a young lad was odd. I never liked the wrestlers a 11 year old should’ve. I wasn’t a Stone Cold fan, didn’t like The Rock, hated Hogan. My favorite wrestlers as a kid was always a mix of guys who could flat out go in the ring and guys who took insane bumps. So seeing as the early 2000’s were littered with TLC matches filled with guys who could go and did take insane bumps. I was trembling with excitement. At the time I was a huge Jeff Hardy mark because well… He always took insane bumps and like I said that was cool to 11 year old Gary, hell that’s cool to 23 year old Gary. What happened in the 2nd “official” TLC match in the history of the WWE blew little Gary‘s mind as Edge speared Jeff Hardy as he was dangling by the very belts held over the ring. Each time I watch it, I discover new things, look at the faces on the refs, they are trying to stay in character yet have a look of utter concern on their face. Also the more I watch this, the more I hate the crowd reaction, for all the talk of the Attitude Era having the best crowds, this reaction sure does disappoint.

<h3>Gary: Everything that has ever happened in CZW</h3>

We were at Middleeasy had numerous debates on if we should include this into the list. Ultimately we decided.. well if you can’t tell on what we decided, then you’re a silly person. CZW is a local promotion out Philadelphia. The reason read we initially hesitated to put this on the list is that it’s close to BME Pain Olympics than it is to actual wrestling. Ultimately we came to the decision to mention it and while these spots aren’t as visually appealing as some of the stuff in the WWE. While it’s not as physically impressive as the strong style stuff out of Japan. It’s some of the most absurd stuff that has ever happened inside the squared circled, words can’t do it justice and I’m not even going to try. WARNING : This is extremely graphic and disturbing.

<h3>Gary: Shane McMahon death drop</h3>

2001 sure was a good year for ludicrous bumps in the WWE wasn’t it? Shane O’Mac is a guy who should have never stepped inside of a WWE ring based on hiswrestling ability, I don’t think anyone can argue that. With that said, few people at the level of charisma and willingness to do things that no one else would. Two things that are needed when you lack traditional wrestling skills. Truth be told I almost put Angle delivering a belly to belly suplex with a broken tailbone through glass to Shane but this one just barely edged it out for me. This was apart of that awful invasion angle where Shane bought WCW from under his father and The Big Show was pissed about something so he threatened to go to the WWE, even though technically he was wrestling for the WWE since you know… WCW wasn’t a weekly program anymore. Yea it was as awful as it sounds but it gave us one of the coolest bumps ever.

<h3>Foley/Taker HITC</H3>

I’ve seen this a million times. Each time I see it happen. I know it’s going to happen and it’s still shocking to me. Foley’s willingness to put his body on the line, sacrifice his health finally gave him his moment. Sure he’s been in great deathmatches with Terry Funk. He’s out on great hardcore matches with nearly everyone but up to this. He didn’t have that single moment in time where everyone looks back at and points to saying “now that’s Mick Foley!” Jim Ross calling it was perfect, the bump itself was… well, I’m sure if you asked Mick he’d say it wasn’t pretty but it was damn near perfect. This defined Mick’s career and effectively ruined every He’ll in a Cell match from there on, good job Mick.

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