The Top Ten greatest .gif moments from Breaking Bad

Two days! The return of Breaking Bad is so close, people. On Sunday we begin the journey towards the end of Walter White’s story. What’s going to happen? How will it all go down? Can he even have a happy ending at this point? With 48 hours left to go until the premiere of the final eight episodes of the series, and the first eight of this season having just been added to Netflix, it’s time to catch up. Of course, there’s always the possibility that you’ve been rewatching the entire season for the umpteenth time in anticipation of the series’ return. Whatever the case, here are 10 of the greatest Breaking Bad .gifs to get you stoked for Sunday’s premiere!

Aaron Paul’s incredible range

Look, you don’t just express your shock at a rather devastating turn of events by simply putting your hands on top of your head and opening your mouth. No, there is an art to it. It takes years of practice, dedication and hard work. None have perfected this art quite as masterfully as one Aaron Paul. Bravo sir, Bravo. Get this man another Emmy.


The Whites love breakfast

There are a lot of things that it’s just impossible to ignore when discussing Breaking Bad. The character development, the writing, the symbolism blah blah blah. The most notable part of this series? These mother [expletives] love them some breakfast, especially Walt Jr. Seriously, in almost every scene the dude is throwing down on some eggs and toast. Think about Humphrey Bogart, and all those actors in the 40’s who had to have a cigarette so that they had something to do with their hands. That’s how breakfast is for the White family.


“This is not meth”

Yeah, bitch! Science! This was one of the very first moments where viewers were given a solid answer to the question, “Can this burnt out Chemistry teacher really pull this off?” Confronting Tuco head-on in his own base of operations was a dangerous plan, as demonstrated when Jesse walked into his own severe beating. So what was Walt going to do to make his outcome any different? Science. More specially, chemistry. It was unexpected, and it was awesome. Blamo!



“Goddamn!” That was a popular reaction to the end of episode 12 of season 3. Walt, in a desperate attempt to save his partner, mows down two drug dealers that Jesse intended to kill. We’re talking full on Pontiac Aztec brutality. Not only does he show up in the nick of time to save Jesse from foolishly rushing to meet his own demise, Walt gets out of the car, grabs one of their guns, and shoots them in the head execution style. It was dark. It was brutal. It was intense.


“I am the one who knocks”

Without question the single greatest moment in the history of Breaking Bad. This is usually where most writers will throw in “arguably,” but I’m not doing it. Nope. This is the final tipping point leading to Walter White becoming the facade, and Heisenberg becoming the full time persona. It’s chilling, it’s frightening, but most of all it’s just downright awesome.


Gus meets his demise like a badass

“How is Walter going to get out of this?” That was the theme throughout season 4, and as it progressed the likelihood of him coming out unscathed was looking less likely. He knew that the only option to ensure his survival was to kill Gus Fring. Now, it’s debatable as to whose fault that really is, seeing as how Walt could be viewed as the catalyst for everything spiraling out of control. After a couple of failed attempts to off the meth emperor, Walt realizes that Fring’s pride mirrors his own, and uses this against him by rigging Hector’s wheel chair to blow the next time Gus visits for his round of taunting. Again, blamo!


Magnets (This one’s a twofer!)

This is how you knew that season 5 was going to be something special right from the get go. Jesse’s evolution has been steadily progressing since the pilot episode, and then while everyone is trying to formulate a plan for how to destroy evidence – Jesse has an idea. Jesse having an idea was certainly nothing new at this point, but it was the BEST idea, and even the constantly condescending and chastising Mr. White agreed. Not only did the plan work, it lead one of the greatest Breaking Bad quotes of all time.


Heisenberg loves Destiny’s Child (It’s another twofer!)

Simultaneously one of the most bad ass moments of season 5, and the silliest. The idea being that even though very few know what his face looks like, Walter White’s meth cooking alter-ego is easily recognizable due to his product. So what does he do in order to convince his new would-be business partners to help him move it? He throws a giant bag of blue rock candy at their feet, and then demands that they say his name. When they do? Badassery ensues


Hank’s toilet realization

The was the biggest moment in Breaking Bad history, and part of why the duration between the first half of this season, and Sunday’s second half premiere has been so long and painful. After everything that goes down, all the close calls have been eluded, and things are going as smoothly as they can for Walter White – Hank finally realizes that his brother-in-law is Heisenberg. Worse? It’s after Walt has finally given up his drug empire, and is ready to settle back down. It makes for an intense set up for the rest of the season, and what happens next is anyone’s guess.

And the greatest Breaking Bad .gif of all time?


Roof Pizza

Ain’t no pizza like a roof pizza. This may not be the greatest Breaking Bad moment, but it certainly is the best .gif. If you were to sit in on any of our writing room sessions, then you’d probably arrive at the conclusion that it’s our favorite, and you’d be right. Is there a more potent image of man so frustrated by his loss of control than him throwing a perfectly good pizza onto the roof of his garage? No ladies and gentlemen, no there is not.


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