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The Superchat discusses one of the greatest actors of the last 30 years, Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Brandis was a big part of many of our lives, and only a small part to some of our lives. To some people, he didn’t matter at all. This is the nature of existence, and the dynamic of this week’s Superchat. While Nick treasured Jonathan Brandis because of his cool Seaquest action figure, and preferred the Neverending Story 2 (some cry blasphemy), Jason loved Brandis for Sidekicks (starring Chuck Norris) and Ladybugs. Walsh is all over the place, but respects the Brandis. 

Gary doesn’t even know who Jonathan Brandis is/was.

While this seems like a set up for a niche podcast, it’s not. Jonathan Brandis is eternal. He lives on in all of us, and so does The Superchat. Listen, and be enlightened. You can also learn why Gary is now called the Cal Ripken of masturbation

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