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The Flash is coming to TV, as a spin-off to CW’s Arrow

I’ll be honest here, I don’t really know much about The Flash. Like…at all. I know there’s Barry Allen, and then there have been some others, but I am nowhere near well equipped enough to argue for who the best Flash really is. Then again, that doesn’t stop me from thinking that John Stewart is a better Green Lantern than Hal Jordan. I also don’t know much at all about Green Arrow, and my only real exposure to ol’ Ollie is his role in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. That, and people spamming his projectiles in Injustice: Gods Among Us. So yeah, Green Arrow and The Flash, two characters that I’ve never really followed, and have at best a basic knowledge of.

So perhaps now is the best time to hit up Amazon and start ordering as many trade paperbacks of each character as I can, because it has been announced that CW is picking up The Flash as a spinoff of their latest hit series Arrow. Barry Allen is going to start showing up in the second season of Arrow, and eventually have his own series on the network. What’s interesting is that there is still a Flash movie in development, and planned for release alongside of the Batman vs. Superman movie that will serve as a follow up to Man of Steel.

Will the CW series tie in to the full length movie? Will they be totally separate entities? And will DC be able to craft a cinematic universe that blends and is as well woven together as Marvels?

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