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Sunday Wrassling Fix: Lucha Underground Triple Threat, JR Returns to Announcing Wrestling

It’s been another week and more wrestling has happened. We could probably go really meta and be like Dave Meltzer a la a few years ago and talk about Bellator in the same breath as pro wrestling, but we won’t. New Japan didn’t have any sort of big, aired somewhere show this week, so we are cooled down on that regard, but you know who has a great wrestling show?

Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network was originally the laughingstock of the pro wrestling (mostly lucha libre) world. It looked like another failed attempt to create a studio wrestling show for American television and to make it “cool,” like MTV’s WSX. Robert Rodriguez was looking for content for his new El Rey Network and decided, “hey, why not lucha libre?”

The approach is different, as in, really different. If TNA feels like a knock-off WWE then Lucha Underground feels like an entirely different thing altogether. The actual wrestling that goes down on the show ranges from pretty good to great, they use different camera angles and filming techniques and the shows all are a part of a larger story arc. Wrestling is kind of goofy, right? Why not embrace that and come up with big picture storylines and film them like someone would film an action movie sequence, instead of filming it like a live TV sports interview?

The end result is that you are watching a campy B-movie from the 90’s more in the vein of the grindhouse cinema movement than anything else and you get to see some pretty solid wrestling on top of that. This week they put this crazy triple threat up on YouTube and it’s well worth the watch. It’s between Fenix, Drago and Pentagon Jr.

The other cool news is that Jim Ross will be returning to calling professional wrestling on January 4th in Tokyo, Japan. He’ll be calling the Wrestle Kingdom 9 event, which Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling will be airing live on American PPV in the wee hours of the night and then the next day in prime time.

Good Ole’ JR saying he’s looking forward to every match “because, to him, they are all new” is kind of obnoxious, but hey, at least he’s honest. They haven’t announced his broadcast partner just yet, but rumor has it that former WCW play-by-play man and current TNA guy Mike Tenay could be the guy. Mind you, Tenay has a contract with TNA, but it expires pretty soon.

KENTA and Prince Devitt as a tag team in WWE’s NXT is kind of weird, but weird in a good way. They got to work together in their lead-up to the next special where they are scheduled to face the Ascension and we finally got to see a bit more of Hideo Itami and Finn Balor.

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