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Spike Jonze is making a movie about Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with his computer (Joaquin’s computer)

Spike Jonze loves delicious burritos. I can safely say this cause I’ve seen him eating at one of the greatest burrito spots in the world: Mixto in Silverlake, Californa. He almost hit me in the head with his helmet on accident, but I forgave him after biting in to a delicious grass-fed beef burrito with citrus habanero salsa. The flavors contained in that burrito were so glorious that my whole body was filled with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and forgiveness. See, the thing that makes Mixto so great is the quality of their meats. I’ve heard vegetarians say they love the food offered there as much as I do, but I find that hard to believe. If you’re going to Mixto and you’re not getting a premium pork torta or a grass-fed beef burrito then you’re not enjoying the full potential of what they have to offer.

Spike Jonze gets it. Spike Jonze gets a lot of things. That’s probably why he’s made this extremely interesting movie about the guy from Gladiator falling in love with his computer.

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