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Sony and Panasonic are developing the follow-up to the Blu-Ray, and it means the death of box sets

See, this is yet another time in which I can’t decide where to publish certain articles in this newfangled MiddleEasy. Apparently, Panasonic and Sony are in the middle of developing a new type of physical media, and this new disc is reported to hold 300 GB of data. That’s six Blu-Rays stacked on top of each other or displayed side by side next to each other. You could actually line up six BD’s as the kids are calling them in any fashion and just one of these uberdiscs would hold the same amount of data. 

That was the most unscientific observation on this new technology ever. So we’ll strike this article from being published under Science.

Gaming will obviously benefit from this major leap forward in data storage, but the PS4 and Xbox One will both feature Blu-Ray drives, and feature hard drives almost as small, or large, as the storage on these forthcoming discs. So I guess we can strike gaming from the record too. Thanks for being ridiculously behind the times, game console manufacturers. And when it comes to PC, everything is digital anyways. What can these discs be used for? There has to be a point in which the image can only look so good, right? Let’s talk diminishing returns? That was a rhetorical question.

So maybe we can see the entire LOST collection including special features and everything with even better picture on a single disc. I guess navigating just one disc seems pretty awesome, but then do you pay for an entire television series on a single disc in a tiny box? Let me go look at what some of these big collections are going for, and I will continue to use LOST as an example because Desmond is my constant. All prices will be checked on Amazon. BRB.

Holy **** (which four lettered curse did I use there? It’s up to you. That’s the level of interactivity we have here on MiddleEasy)! The LOST collection on Amazon is five hundred bucks. Oh, okay, the pure BD collection is around $100, so I guess we would be paying that much for one disc. I guess that’s fine, right? Maybe it can be a little cheaper since they have to print less discs? Everything about this is awesome, except it means the death of the box set. Welcome to the 4K generation, I suppose.

“Hey man, can I borrow your box set?” And then you just hand your stupid friend who borrows all your stuff a single disc. 

That seems lame to me, but I suppose it’s the natural evolution of things. If people even want hard copies anymore for their entertainment.

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