Something tells us you need a little medieval Polish sword fighting in your life

We actually told you about this stuff back in June, but a recent YouTube upload from the Polska Liga Walk Rycerskich (PLWR) has got everyone abuzz (again). They call it ‘knife fighting,’ but apparently the word ‘sword’ hasn’t made it to Poland yet.

It’s clear that there is a glimmer of a ruleset in all of this nonsense — if you lose your helmet, a dude with a long wooden stick comes in and separates the fighters, but the chaotic miss-mosh of guys just wildly swinging large bladed objects at each other seems somewhat confusing and hilarious. If this is what battles in the middle ages looked like, then thank God for guns and grenades.

Check out this recent promo from PLWR and props to stevemcawesome for the +100 find.

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