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So it turns out that Sharknado was a giant flop

So it turns out that Sharknado was a giant flop

Man, what can I say about Sharknado that hasn’t already been said about the Thomas Jayne version of The Punisher? It had a lot of hype, there was some internet buzz going strong behind it, but as far as ratings go it was a total dud, but that doesn’t keep it from being a guilty pleasure. Seriously, among a series of films such as Sharktopus, Mega Snake, and my personal favorite Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Sharknado found a way to reach a whole new level of utter ridiculousness, it was glorious, and you probably couldn’t go ten tweets on your timeline without seeing some sort of mention about #Sharknado. It seemed like a total hit for the ridiculous made for TV, over the top market, and yet NO ONE watched it.

In an almost paradoxical sense the movie was buzzing heavily on social media, but failed to generate anything close to decent ratings. In the always sought after 18-49 demographic it garnered only a .04 rating, just over a million viewers. That’s 500,000 less than the average for a made for TV SyFy movie. Yet, it had over 600,000 tweets about it in a seven hour period. If your timeline looked like mine then you either thought almost everyone with a taste for the bizarre was watching Tara Reid’s career reach a new low (or high depending on how you look at it), or were wondering just what a SharkNado really was.

To see just how stark the difference was between social media buzz and actual viewership take a look at this graphic courtesy of The Atlantic:

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