Roman Reigns Out of Tonight’s WWE Night of Champions

If you were looking forward to tonight’s match between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns it looks like you are bound to be a bit disappointed. Just a bit. Why? Because WWE’s next megastar babyface Roman Reigns was rushed into the hospital yesterday afternoon for emergency surgery due to an incarcerated hernia. Basically, think of a hernia, only where an organ gets sucked into the area that gets dislodged. Ouch, right?

WWE has been in full panic mode because not only was Reigns scheduled to be a big part of Night of Champions tonight, but WWE currently has two touring groups for house shows, with the roster split down the middle. One side is touring with John Cena as the main star, the other was touring with Reigns as the big star and he’s apparently out 4 – 6 weeks (didn’t we hear that before with Daniel Bryan?). This means that WWE is doing some huge shuffling right now, not only for tonight’s show, but for the next few weeks of house shows, TV and even the Hell in the Cell PPV.

If you are like me, you love chaos, so tonight might include some chaos factor due to this. Hell, it might even include some Dean Ambrose as long as he can make it and his direct-to-DVD movie he was filming is wrapped up.

And no, this isn’t a work.

Don’t forget to join us tonight for WWE Night of Champions coverage, which starts at about 6:30pm Eastern time.

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