Raw 9.22; Dean Ambrose is Raw

It’s pretty easy to get disenchanted or upset with the direction of WWE’s booking often. Usually as a fan it is easy to find yourself watching and asking yourself why you are bothering watching because they seem to just get so much wrong. Then there are times when there are diamonds found in the rough, but those diamonds involve sitting through a three hour marathon of a Raw where about an hour of it was entertaining and that was the beginning and the end, with the middle being almost unbearable.

The injury of Roman Reigns was unfortunate for the WWE because Roman Reigns was the hand-picked next huge star for the company. They took the first big step of booking him on top of one of their two house show tours that happen simultaneously; one with John Cena as the star, the other with Reigns as the star. Reigns might only be gone for a month or so, but that void has to be filled in what is a heel-heavy promotion lacking in top credible faces.

So who do they decide is going to fill that spot?


If you’ve been following WWE for the past few years you know that Dean Ambrose was a great part of the Shield, but that he was mainly the guy who kind of filled the “Matt Hardy” role for the team of being the guy doing the bulk of the work in the match while Rollins and Reigns were being groomed to be the stars who hit the big spots, although it was mostly Reigns that they focused on. The irony was that early on they saw Ambrose as the guy that they could push as a singles star, then lost confidence in him and saw Reigns as the huge megastar and Rollins as the guy who can put on great matches and will pay dividends for years to come.

Then the Shield split up and while the Rollins heel turn has been glorious and the Reigns superface push has been on the agenda, the guy who has stood out the most has been Dean Ambrose. He’s getting crazy fan reactions, he’s putting on tremendous performances night-in and night-out and it’s becoming more and more clear that they could have another huge star on their hands much in the way that Daniel Bryan didn’t fit their mold but fans wanted him to be a top guy and the WWE was forced to oblige. Dean Ambrose, formerly a CZW deathmatch worker called Jon Moxley, has become yet another unlikely top star for the WWE and they have no choice but to run with it. It’s glorious.

So let’s get on with the show.

Ambrose Took a Bump Out of a Moving Car. Your Turn, World.

The show opened with Dean Ambrose announcing that he’s back and that he wants Seth Rollins in the worst way, including him bringing a chair into the ring and sitting down until Rollins comes out. This, of course, brought out John Cena, which, of course, led to the Authority coming to ringside. A brawl ensued, Rollins high-tailed it while Ambrose and Cena pursued, which led to Rollins stealing a car, Ambrose hopping in the back, then falling out as it sped away.

Holy Damien Mizdow, Folks

The Miz won the IC title last night due to treachery, but that was okay, you know why? Because Damien Mizdow came to the ring with a replica WWE Intercontinental Championship. Everything he does is just the best. As @AubreySitterson said, Damien Sandow isn’t just funny for the WWE, he’s funny, period.

Ziggler gets his title back by repaying the treachery and we get more of this fine, hilarious feud.

The Streak of Solid Trios Matches Continues on Raw

Put six guys who can go into the ring together and tell them to do their thing and what do you get? You get a good match, probably the best match on the show. Go figure, right? Just good stuff and everyone’s story has moved along a bit from this, giving more incentive to want to hurt each other. I can’t stress enough how valuable trios tags are.

Was That Sami Zayn on Raw?

Probably? Maybe Sami Zayn in the Bunny costume? Still, yeah. This is the kind of stuff that’s hard to justify watching on a weekly basis without being like, “yeah, this is weird to watch.”

Rollins Returns and Ambrose is PISSED

The huge push of Dean Ambrose involved him getting an obligatory match against Kane where he had some trouble but was clearly on the path to victory when Seth Rollins poked his head back into things to make the save for Kane. Kane and Orton were already pissed about having to clean up the mess that Rollins made in the first place, so things are coming apart at the seams it seems.

Ambrose wasn’t done yet as he charged at Triple H, Kane and Seth Rollins backstage because look, a man rallying against the machine doesn’t need backup, just his insanity to guide him. Things took a turn south, though, and he was locked into a room with local yokel security standing guard, key in hand, promises on the tips of their tongues. Oh if they only knew.

Nikki Bella Actually Livens Up the Divas Division a Bit

I’m not sure when this happened or how, but Nikki Bella is actually a breath of fresh air in the Divas Title hunt after months of just AJ vs. Paige. I think that both are incredible, but they have worked together enough that it’s probably time for something new. Will this last? Probably not, but SHOOT STYLE BELLA~ is pretty fun.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton 4,323, GO

Look, I get it, WWE wants to hold its own against Monday Night Football, but you know what? Maybe not having two hours of filler show would help retain fans instead of promising HUGE MATCHES at the tail end of the show when everyone knows that it’s going to end in a clusterf*ck anyway.

Rollins and Kane promised Orton protection and promised a “surprise” for John Cena. That surprise was that same table showing up at ringside that has concealed cinder blocks previously for them to have Rollins curbstomp whomever into them. When things were looking bad for Orton Rollins was quick to intervene, then Cena got roughed up a bit before it was time to unveil the cinder blocks only — surprise — it was Dean Ambrose hiding under the table and madness reigned again!

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