Raw 10.13: WWE Decides to Focus on Professional Wrestling

I’m really not sure what to make of this week’s Raw. Usually what happens with Raw is that there’s a lot of stuff that happens and the three hours are jam-packed with mostly crap and filler. This week it felt like there was less filler, more wrestling, but something still didn’t quite feel right about it.

This was WWE grasping at straws, placing two matches that we presumed they were saving for their upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV onto free television, including Big Show vs. Rusev and the one that was confirmed for Hell in a Cell of Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena in a….. Judy Bagwell Contract on a Pole match. The Big Show/Rusev match didn’t quite have a decisive ending, which means that this will most likely spill over onto PPV, but it’s clear that they are doing their best to combat Monday Night Football and trying everything during the absence of their champion, Brock Lesnar, from television.

Interestingly enough Ric Flair and Jake “The Snake” Roberts were backstage at the show but didn’t make appearances like everyone thought that they would. It was a bummer considering that Roberts has been in and out of the hospital of late and fans would have loved to have seen him.

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Oh well, onto the show, right?

WWE Learned to Not Focus on Crappy Guest Stars

Last week there was a crazy focus on their guest stars, including weird, awkward and awful segments with the cast of the Today Show along with Adam Rose and a weird segment with Joan Lunden. Needless to say the fans were less-than-pleased with how much television time those segments got and this week the guest stars were relegated to brief interviews and segments which were relatively harmless.

Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton Had One Great Match

I’ll probably never be able to get into Randy Orton but I’ll always be able to appreciate Randy Orton for who he is. He’s a solid hand in the ring and when you put him into the ring with someone like Ziggler who loves to bump huge for everything and can get fans to rally behind everything he does you get something pretty fun out of it. As much as I enjoy Cesaro and Ziggler working together, this kind of made me want to see a program between Orton and Ziggler because they worked so well together.

Seth Rollins Didn’t Get Injured By Jack Swagger

This was legitimately my main concern when I saw that Rollins was going to be working with Swagger. Call it unfair because he hasn’t injured the entire roster just yet, but when you have a guy like Rollins being focused on as the show’s main heel while Lesnar is doing god know’s what you need this guy to be taken care of. Putting him into the ring with a reckless guy like Swagger didn’t seem smart.

The match itself wasn’t terrible and we saw more interactions between Orton and Rollins after the match. It feels like both guys are going to work together in the future in a feud, but the thing that is confusing is that Seth Rollins is currently already in two feuds at the moment with Ambrose and Cena. Does he really need a third feud with Orton right now? I guess Orton needs SOMETHING to do.

Rusev Remains Strong Against Big Show

Matches between Rusev and the Big Show are never going to be great, but they could be fun. This was a perfectly fine television match that ended in a DQ after Mark Henry interrupted the match when Big Show had seemingly passed out in the Accolade. Both men attacked Rusev after the bell and Big Show laid him out with a punch.

Mizdow is the Most Over Dude on the Show

This seems to be a running theme for Raw over the past few weeks; Damian Mizdow is the best thing going and everyone is noticing it. This time around WWE noticed it as well, focusing on Mizdow on the outside mimmicking the action going on inside of the ring. Mizdow ate a Brogue Kick while Miz crawled under the ring to distract Sheamus, coming out the other side to win via countout.

Is Vince Russo Back?

We joke, but “blah blah on a pole” matches were Vince Russo’s specialty and not something that we ever thought that we’d see WWE revisiting. Why? Because pole matches are always awful and the gimmick is just stupid. It’s a poor man’s ladder match, which is exactly what this was. The entirety of the Authority was ringside egging both guys on and the match was… kind of nothing? There were a few big spots, but after the match turned into a cluster Dean Ambrose climbed up and gingerly took the contract like it was a really easy thing to do, thus negating the entire match.

For now it’s good that Ambrose gets the hell away from Cena in the ring and Cena can cut complimentary promos on him but not put on a frustrating match against him. This means at Hell in a Cell we get Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins and John Cena vs. Randy Orton, both take place inside of the Cell.

We’ve seen Orton vs. Cena about one trillion times now, so that will probably be the main event of the show and be the same match we are used to, but hey, whatever.

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