Pro Wrestling Legend Ox Baker Passes Away at Age 80

Man, usually with professional wrestlers things all seem to go south pretty early for them and when we are talking about wrestling deaths it is a young guy who abused steroids, drugs and alcohol until their heart exploded or they went insane. So wrestling deaths of older guys is still sad, but it’s nice to see guys live fuller lives sometimes. Ox Baker was 80 years old and passed away earlier today due to complications from a heart attack. It’s a tremendous loss for the wrestling world considering how unique of a character that he was and how he was one of the few links left to an age of wrestling that has almost been forgotten.

Ox Baker was a guy who looked more like a modern day wrestling villain but competed in the 60’s up until the late 1980’s and since then has been an interesting personality and ambassador for professional wrestling. Hell, he even branched off into film, most famously squaring off against Kurt Russel’s iconic Snake Pilssken in Escape From New York in a fight to the death.

Ox’s wrestling career began in the 60’s where he found his unique style of the shaved head, dark mustache, eyebrows and beard and cut promos that were ahead of their time. His ability to upset fans went beyond just words, with his famous Heart Punch finisher leaving many of the top babyfaces at the time knocked out in the ring. Hell, the guy has even caused a riot or two in his day.

Ox Baker served as a mentor since his retirement, with many, many within the industry having nothing but endless praise for him. Ox himself was something of a minor pop culture icon known for his ridiculous t-shirts, promo style and hell, the guy even appeared on The Price is Right.

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