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President Obama paid homage to Star Wars at a special ceremony inside the White House

President Barack Obama wears many hats. Leader of the free world and commander and chief are the big one’s that come to mind. While those are important, he also sports a head accessory of the nerd/geek variety occasionally, and fear not my fellow Americans—he does put it on every now and then.

According to USA Today, yesterday was one of those “thens” as Obama took time out of his busy “politicking” schedule to honor one of the greatest film series of all-time: Star Wars. In a ceremony at the White House, he said…

“I remember when I first saw Star Wars. There’s a whole generation that thinks special effects always look like they do today — but it used to be you’d see, like, the string on the little model spaceships.”

Aside from praising the film for paving the way for the special effects biz, the President also went out of his way to commend the series for inspiring people to “open up minds and nourish souls”—which I think is fancy talk for “thanks for making a really kick-ass sci-fi flick.”

Either way it’s fun to remember that the old men behind the U.S. were kids playing with plastic light sabers too, because I’m pretty sure most people have that memory. I just wonder what Obama recognizes next. Any guesses?

Check out video of the ceremony from The Washington Post.

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