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Oh My God, They Are Rebooting Bloodsport

This is the kind of news that will make you want to get all bloodied and oiled up, stand in a weird arena surrounded by bloodthirsty savages and scream like you are the proven-fraud that is Frank Dux. Bloodsport is being remade. While the story of Frank Dux and his Kumite run might be a fraud, it still made for a wildly entertaining film in 1986 starring Jean-Claude Van Damme involved in a crazy, underground martial arts tournament that could be life-or-death.

If for some reason you haven’t seen the film Bloodsport, I don’t even know. Run out and find a copy of it, find it on the internet, do whatever you need to do because this is one of those films that you, the person reading a MMA site, needs to see. So, anyway, for some reason Relativity has decided to reboot Bloodsport over 15 years later.

They are going to be changing the story around a little bit, as obviously you can’t tell the story of Frank Dux because the dude was a fraud. Instead they are going to focus on a soldier who served in Afghanistan going to Brazil to clear his head after all of the horrors of war that he witnessed, but finds himself pulled into a crazy martial arts tournament.


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