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OH DIP! Here’s the first footage from the new season of Trailer Park Boys

TV is an interesting medium, it allows for so many different things such as baseball and right now — there’s not much that matters outside of baseball. I mean Jose Fernandez is facing Andrew Cashner this weekend, that’s the definition of #rig.

TV allows for us to live vicariously through other people, albeit fictional characters but that doesn’t matter. Who doesn’t watch Seinfeld and live through Jerry, George or Elaine? Who hasn’t watched the Soprano’s and wanted to be Tony?

If there’s one person that I’ve lived vicariously through recently it’s none other than Bubbles. Bubbles loves kitties and so do I. Therefore him and myself have a bond that can never be broken.

Now I can continue to do so. As Trailer Park Boys is returning to Netflix and here’s the first footage from the new season.

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