MMA in NFL roundup – Eagles fans brawl, Drew Brees eats a German suplex, and more!

After back to back Bellator and UFC violence on Friday night, fights fans were left to their own devices for the remainder of the weekend. If you hadn’t heard MMA has been the fastest growing sport in the entire world for eight years running. Full of sporting momentum MMA can’t be confined just to the cage and sometimes it even spills over to the NFL stadiums; both on the field and in the stands. In Arizona, Cardinals fans were so enthused by their team’s surprise 3-0 start they had to express themselves by being shirtless and while wearing a novelty foam helmet. The problem is the San Francisco 49er fans prefer to wear clothes in public settings and frown up the notion of a grown man wearing a novelty foam helmet for three straight hours. This is how NFL fan brawls start.

The drunken fans quickly learn why are no stairs are allowed inside a professional mixed martial arts cage. The Cardinals fan in the foam helmet gets blasted repeatedly in the head by a 49ers fan in a throwback Steve Young jersey before a bystander lays them both out with sloppy double leg down the flight of stairs. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees showed no takedown defense in his win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Defensive back Captain Munnerlyn locked in the hooks and nailed Brees with a textbook German suplex for the sack. After the game Brees called the move “That was straight Hulk Hogan, 1985-style suplex”. Munnerlyn probably suplexed Brees because of his clear lack of knowledge on the moveset of Hulk Hogan circa mid 1980s. Bodyslam, punch, punch, big boot and leg drop is how Munnerlyn likes to role of the cornerback blitz. Unfortunately, he didn’t roll into multiple suplexes.

After two players were ejected in the Philadelphia-Washington game for fighting, Eagles fans decided to beat up each other in protest of the biased officiating on the field.

From two different angles you see one Eagles fan hitting a Tito Ortiz on Evan Tanner level slam on a hapless LeSean McCoy wearing fan.The slam leaves both pro football fanatics three below their assigned seats. Then a guy in a personalized “69” Eagles jersey and tiger print bandana takes on all comers including a silver foxed gentleman who goes for a Randy Couture inspired guillotine choke attempt.

And then there was the Eagles and Redskins melee: 

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