Look: A horn so powerful, it causes anything in its way to immediately crash

I don’t really have road rage. I’ve had cases where I’ve had rage on the road, but generally speaking I don’t get angry enough to classify myself as someone who has road rage. I normally let everyone in lane, if there is a tie at a stop sign, I let people go. I realize that being one car ahead will at most save me 40 seconds if I hit a stop light, so I don’t really care too much. For the most part, I’m too into my music to get mad at times. I do run into trouble when people wonder what I’m doing when I’m playing air drums and or moshing in the driver seat at a stoplight, it’s something that can’t be explained and it just happens. Sometimes people laugh, sometimes they point, sometimes they roll up their windows, I’m not trying to impress anyone and I’m certainly not trying to impress anyone while I’m driving, so it doesn’t matter.

Hell, I rarely even honk my horn when I drive. When I do, it’s usually to give someone I know the finger as a sign of solidarity. On a rare occasion when someone does something stupid, I do let them have it and lay on the horn – it’s necessary. I need them to feel shame. Enough shame to where they will never do something stupid again. I’m doing what our schooling system doesn’t do and that’s tell you that just because you are in a lane that only turns right, doesn’t mean that you can go straight anyways, seriously who does this? I’ll tell you who, about every single god damn person that I ever drive near when I go home from work. Seriously, how thick headed do you need to be? If you go straight, you aren’t even in a lane, yet people do it anyways. I just hate them so much, I wish them nothing but death and destruction, I want to see their lives crumble right before my eyes. Sometimes I wish I had a monster truck, preferably Grave Digger so I can teach them the ultimate lesson. Either that, or a horn that is so powerful it makes any cars in its way swerve off the road and into a pole. 

Like this one.


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