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Jason Stackhouse from True Blood stars in this AMAZING fan-made comic book short film

It took me three attempts to title this article appropriately so that we wouldn’t ruin the payoff at the end of this fan-made short film. We can however tell you that Jason Stackhouse from True Blood stars in it. There’s some other guy in Hollywood named ‘Ryan Kwanten‘ that claims he plays the same character, but we just can’t trust him since he’s from Australia and it’s clear Jason is from Bon Temp, Louisiana.

In this short-film, Jason plays the purveyor of truth, almost a glorified investigator of ultimate knowledge in the form of hard-nosed journalist. Not MMA journalism, since after four years we still have no idea what that consists of. We’re talking about journalism that requires a funny hat and a notepad readily available at all times.

Sure we’re being cryptic, but as we mentioned early it would be an absolute travesty to ruin the ending of this short-film. If you’re a fan of comic books, just watch this. Trust us at MiddleEasy, we will never lead you in the wrong direction. Props to TDM for the news tip and enjoy your 100 points.

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