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In Russian GTA the Cops Shoot Freely at Anything

If there’s one thing as sure as superCalo’s betting strategies, it’s that there is a direct correlation between a country’s incarceration rate and it’s ability to put out entertaining videos on the internet. While the US has more entertaining videos on the internet on all general topics, Russia has far more entertaining videos involving car accidents. That’s because country size is directly correlated to the number of dash cams owned by the country’s inhabitants. What do you get when you cross the largest country in the world with the world’s #10 country by incarceration rate? Criminals getting into car accidents. Now what do you get when you add in police officers that are allowed to carry and use firearms? Police officers shooting at criminals that are getting into car accidents.

If you look at it the right way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this video except for the fact that is wasn’t filmed via dash cam. Thank god it was filmed from a balcony, though. 90% of all Russian videos not filmed by dash cam are filmed from a balcony. Now watch what happens when a Russian doesn’t have his borsch in the morning.

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