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I could listen to Conan O’Brien and Louis C.K. talk about 1993 all day

1993 was a great year. The Bulls won their third championship, Mortal Kombat II was released, Doom came out, Conan O’Brien went on the air, and I broke my wrist, which effectively got me out of learning cursive at the Catholic school I attended. Take that, nuns. They wanted to teach me latin, too. Obsessed with the dead, those ladies.

The Picture above illustrates either random, dumb luck that all of the above men met, or a Beatles-level of awesomeness and some sort of destiny type **** going on in the universe. Robert Smigel, Conan O’Brien, Bob Odenkirk, Dino Stamatopoulos (you may not know him, but he wrote the most perfect comedy sketch ever, Mr Show’s Pretaped Call in Show), Louis C.K. and on and on…

For some, it’s just a bunch of nerdy white dudes in a room, for others, it represents a new golden age of comedy. Or is it a whole different type of material? Maybe a nice nylon…

Conan’s 20th anniversary of going on the air was last week, and Louis C.K. came on the show to reminisce. It’s great.

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