Here’s the Terminator Genisys Trailer. See It Here First… If you didn’t watch it yesterday.

Thanksgiving taught me that I shouldn’t be thankful for what I deserve. Should I be “thankful” that my wife is pregnant with an amazing baby boy? Nope. I did that by myself. I put in the work and I got what I wanted. I’m thankful that I didn’t kill her, him, and our entire family when I fried a partially frozen turkey in the backyard not knowing that dropping a somewhat frozen turkey into a VAT of boiling oil frequently causes fatal explosions. I fully deserved to blow up Thanksgiving. I am thankful I did not. 

I… you… WE… deserve this trailer for Terminator Genisys. I’m thankful for the campy threequel and gritty reboot because I’d rather have shitty Terminator than no Terminator. Were you not entertained even though Terminator Salvation was filmed in Instagram and T3’s script (written by paid, professional scriptwriting mofo’s STEEPED in Terminator canon) included the line, “Talk to the hand”? I would rather travel in time back to high school and use “TTTH” (oh yeah, I just did that) as a real comeback, than hear Arnold say that again. “Chill out, d**kward” is amazing. “Talk to the hand” is unholy.

We deserve something that is risky enough to be new and unpredictable (I’ve always hated you, Spiderman) but disciplined enough to honor its predecessors. This trailer plays it totally and perfectly safe by shadowing the original storyline juuust long enough to establish trust and hope before pantsing it in front of the entire school and finding a great excuse to have a 67-year old Terminator. I love it.<a href="" target="_blank">62E4FJTwSuc</a>

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