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Here is Macaulay Culkin, eating pizza

This is Macaulay Culkin. He is a man. He is sitting. Macaulay Culkin has a bag. Macaulay Culkin has some spices, possibly red pepper flakes. Inside the bag is a slice of pizza. Macaulay Culkin eats the pizza. He is a man. Please, watch Macaulay Culkin eat the pizza. He bites it, chews, and then swallows. Look at what he can do.

He puts spice on his pizza because it wasn’t spicy enough. The pizza looks cold. Macaulay Culkin doesn’t mind cold pizza. Macaulay Culkin may love cold pizza.

What kind of pizza do you love?

This is Macaulay Culkin eating pizza for you and for me. He is a man. He eats pizza. Jorgen Leth would be proud.

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