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Guillermo del Toro is Absolutely Doing a Justice League Movie

Alright so Man of Steel did pretty well at the box office. So well in fact that they decided to rush production on a sequel for it. If you’ve been keeping up then you’ve no doubt heard that the idea trajectory of the films is for there to be Man of Steel, then another Superman movie and finally a Justice League movie. There were a ton of easter eggs in Man of Steel that certainly paint a much larger cinematic universe beyond Smallville and Metropolis. Hell, there was even a subtle nod to Aquaman in the movie that a lot of people didn’t catch, or maybe they just chose not to acknowledge.

The Justice League movie had built up a bit of momentum, and rumors were all over the place regarding the cast. Well, mostly just whether or not Christian Bale was coming back to do his best Chris Barnes impression while donning the cape and cowl, or if we were going to see the conglomerate Robin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as the caped crusader thus making Justice League not just a Man of Steel sequel, but also a successor to the Christopher Nolan Batman films. Then everything just sort of lost steam.

There is still a Justice League movie going strong, but it might not be the one you’d expect. Amidst all of the press and promotion that he has been doing for Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro has stated that his adaption of the comic book series, Justice League Dark is “very active.” He is just waiting to make some final edits before handing the reigns over to a writer whose name is yet to be released, but Del Toro assures that it is someone big. He also confirms the best news that could come out of a Justice League Dark adaption – Swamp Thing. Plot details are pretty unknown as of yet, but from the interview Del Toro had with there’s a possibility that he might be adapting the “Search for Swamp Thing” mini-series featuring John Constantine looking for Alec Holland with the help of Batman and Superman, bringing the original Justice League into play as well.

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