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Finally! Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer is Live

Look, let’s be honest here, if you are reading MiddleEasy there is a good chance that you not only know about Game of Thrones but probably have a love affair with it. Game of Thrones is a show that has made people read adult books again after Harry Potter made people read any sort of book again, which in and of itself is a noble gesture. If you aren’t like the rest of us who have plowed through George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series than you probably don’t know what to expect from the next season of Game of Thrones, which, in a way must be kind of nice.

Anyway, all of this text is probably worthless to you right now because on Sunday night HBO debuted the new trailer for Game of Thrones season four, which will debut on April 6th. So yes, go forth and watch the trailer for the next season of the epic Game of Thrones, where the Wildlings will attack the wall, Jamie will get a golden hand and Tyrion will still be your favorite character

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