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Enjoy your Monday by watching a collection of the greatest workplace freakouts

You guys should have seen me freaking out when the site crashed last October from my haphazard and ill-planned redesign of MiddleEasy. My brain was so far removed from reality that I actually had three distinct hallucinations. The first hallucination happened around the 46th hour of being awake, hammering at the server. Whenever I would lift an object, I saw hundreds of little bugs scatter away. This was with everything, even if I lifted my hands off the keyboard.

Just talking about that arduous time in MiddleEasy history makes my palms sweat. If there was a camera in the office, you guys would have undoubtedly seen me take off my shirt and swing it around like a medieval flail.

Workplace freakouts happen even when you’re not confined in a cubicle. However when you are, they seem to be a tad more ‘interesting.’ Check out this compliation to get your Monday morning started, and props to DENV3RtheDESTROY3R for the find. Enjoy your 100 points.

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