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Dubstep cat is the new Grumpy Cat

Cats are adorable. I’ve never been able to understand why some people shun away from these self-reliant pets. It seems like the disdain for these animals can sometimes be over the top.

Proof that cats are great to play with is extremely easy to find. All one has to do is go to Youtube and search for cat stuff. Don’t lie, you’ve all done it before. I don’t do it often, but finding a stellar cat video does award is rather enjoyable — not as much as some crazy Russian KO footage or Rampage TNA video, but it does provide laughs.

In fact a video posted last week simply titled “Dubstep Cat” has garnered over 1,500,000 views. Why? Because it’s immensely awesome, and no one likes dubstep. Not even a little. You can’t do this stuff with a dog.That just wouldn’t happen. Props to my roommate James Coreas for spotting this.

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