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Darren Young comes out as the first openly gay WWE superstar

Darren Young comes out as the first openly gay WWE superstar

I have always had this fantasy — it’s actually on my wish list of things that I want to happen in MMA — and outside of things such as Fedor coming to the UFC and leaving everyone in his path unconscious, Shogun using stem cells to heal his knees and Cro Cop head kicking myself into a coma, this my friends is the one thing I want to happen more than anything in MMA.

I want a super flamboyant homosexual man to come into the UFC, talk an immense amount of trash and then proceed to back up every word of it with performances that look like they are out of a Takashi Miike film. My reasoning for this is with MMA attracting such a aggro, bro audience at times, the reaction from fans would be quite interesting. I’m talking specifically about those “bro fans,” you know the ones, the stereotypical bros that frequent a hooters on fight night. Could a fighter be so incredibly violent and skilled that he could defeat homophobia with a title reign that spanned a few years? My name is Gary LaPlante and this is my fantasy.

Since we are on the topic of openingly gay athletes, WWE’s own Darren Young came out today. He’s the first active openly gay WWE wrestler and you know what? That’s absolutely fantastic, we here at Middleeasy commend for his bravery and wish him nothing but the best with his future. If you have a problem with that Dave Walsh and myself will personally 3D you through a flaming table. In the words of the legendary Mick Foley; Have a nice day.


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