Daniel Bryan’s appearance on RAW last night, was something that can never be replicated

People in the MMA world often take themselves far too seriously. Never has this been more apparent than when CM Punk signed with the UFC. Everyone was claiming how this is ruining the “sport”, you mean the same sport that started with pro wrestling? The sport that was made famous by Antonio Inoki? The sport that’s first major event Masakatsu Funaki headlined?

Anyways, these people just take themselves and MMA too seriously to even enjoy pro wrestling. There’s plenty to enjoy in pro wrestling, sure it’s silly, everyone who watches it will admit that to you, that doesn’t mean it can’t be incredible.

It can provide truly emotional moments and never was this more true than last night. Daniel Bryan, the guy that should had no business winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship won it at Wrestlemania this past April. He won because the fans hijacked every show, they’d endlessly chant his name, even during segments he wasn’t even apart of. There was no plans to give him the belt, they gave his moment in the spotlight at Summerslam. He got to have the belt for a few seconds then they put it on Randy Orton. No one thought they’d really give him the belt, no matter how loud fans complained, but they did, it was a moment no wrestling fan will forget. Fast forward a few months after Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan was a neck injury. He’s forced to leave and hopefully get better. For months fans were wondering what’s going on with  his recovery, every word out of the WWE and the dirtsheets was that it wasn’t going so well, which could lead to him retiring. Retiring right after he had his breakthrough moment, at the time when he couldn’t be hotter, at a time when he was the biggest draw. Last night word came out that Daniel Bryan was at a “crossroads” and he’d announce his future on RAW. The very same RAW which featured Edge, a former WWE superstar which was forced to retire because of neck injuries. The only reasonable thing to expect was for a teary eyed Daniel Bryan to come out there and say he needed to retire. What we got instead was a teary eyed Daniel Bryan spilling his guts out, about his father passing, about his injury, about how much he loved wrestling, about how this is the only thing that would take his pain away. Then the moment came, “Is my career over?………………….NO!” It was a moment that not many other forms of entertainment could replicate. It was a thing to behold.

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